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Pure Natural Nail Lounge & Spa in Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida

Your Blissful Escape in a Spa Atmosphere! Downtown St Petersburg’s Nail Salon & Spa Experience.

At Pure Natural Nail Lounge we understand the importance of providing quality service in a clean and tranquil spa atmosphere. We believe that wellness begins with your inner self. Taking the time to nurture your inner self will set the stage for a healthy and happy life. All of our services and techniques we use at Pure Natural Nail Lounge serve to take you to the next level of relaxation and purity. We serve to beautify, de-stress, purify and revitalize your soul from the inside out.

Serene. Style. Savvy.

Reception_300x400Our goal is to provide the highest quality service using all natural products with cutting-edge techniques, ultimately making our guests feel healthier in mind, body, and soul.

We recognize that clients prefer the pleasant scents of pure organic, natural products over the harsh chemical odors associated with acrylic products. Our salon services have been carefully tailored to include only natural, organic products. We enjoy seeing our clients’ stress melt away in the comforting ambiance created by all-natural products and our harmonious salon design.

Instrument sterilization and cleanliness are among our top priorities. Nail care tools are sterilized in medical-grade sanitizers, and disposable tools further ensure the most hygienic experience.

Pedi_300x400Jet-less pedicure baths prevent any possibility of back-flow bacteria being introduced to a client’s skin and nails, and each product introduced to the spa is tested before it is offered in the lounge. Clients can enjoy their services worry-free of cross contamination.

The Pure Natural Nail Lounge offers a refreshing change in cosmetic care of the hands, feet and face.

Client satisfaction is of utmost importance at Pure Natural Nail Lounge and training and monitoring programs ensure that our technicians provide the highest levels of care.

To ensure client satisfaction, all Pure Natural Nail Lounge’s technicians are continuously trained on the most effective techniques for the well-being and stress-free enjoyment of our clients.

If you desire spa or nail services in downtown St Petersburg nail salon, our team transforms the simplest form of personal care into a blissful spa escape. Pure Natural Nail Lounge is located in the heart of downtown St Petersburg.

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