Lan Pratt, Owner, featured in Nails Magazine

January 19, 2016/ 0


Pure Natural Nail Lounge owner Lan Pratt was featured in an article in Nails Magazine.  “Dealing With Difficult Clients” is an article with four techniques to soothe the situation rather than seethe on the inside. You have the power to create a positive outcome — if you can hold it together and respond politely and professionally.

Listen With Empathy “It’s so important to be empathetic when dealing with difficult clients,” says Lan Pratt, owner of Pure Natural Nail Lounge in St. Petersburg, Fla. “Saying you’re sorry and showing empathy doesn’t mean you’re apologizing for something you’ve done. It means you understand a customer’s position.” “I try to get my staff to understand that everyone comes in here with a story,” explains Pratt. “We don’t know what happened earlier in the day; we don’t know what’s going on in their lives. What we do know is we’re here to relieve stress, so we try to relate to difficult clients in a way that defuses the situation.”
- Dealing With Difficult Clients, Nails Magazine

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