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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why natural nail lounge?

It’s hard to truly relax and enjoy a spa atmosphere with dust and chemical odors from acrylic nails. Our certified organic products and holistic services provide a more relaxed, healthy, and natural environment.

How do you sterilize your tools?

Nail clippers and cuticle clippers are soaked in a hospital grade cleaning agent, and then placed in a medical grade auto-clave before each use. They are sealed in a packet and opened in front of our clients before each session. Nail files, pumice stones, and buffers are all singe use items and are given to you to take home at the end of each session.

How do you clean your pedicure baths in between uses?

After each pedicure, we drain each bath and then sanitize using a cleaning agent that is an EPA registered medical grade bactericide, fungicide and viricide to kill bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Why jet-less pedicure baths?

With Jet-less pedicure baths fresh water only flows in one direction – out. Once the pedicure is done, the bath water flows down the drain and the bath is thoroughly sanitized.  The risk of bacteria being transferred in and out of the pipes (which can occur with pedicure baths containing jets) from one pedicure bath to the next is eliminated.

What is the difference between a Gel Manicure and a SHELLAC Manicure?

There is not a difference between a Gel Manicure and a SHELLAC Manicure. SHELLAC is a brand used for gel manicures. Other brands for gel manicures include OPI and Gellish. We carry all three options and it is a matter of preference. All three brands are resin-based and incorporate a traditional manicure with gel polish that is hardened using a UV light which allows your polish you last up to 14 days.

Do the UV lamps used to cure gel polish during a Gel Manicure cause sun damage or skin cancer?

The type and dose of light used is very low. Studies have shown that UV lamps used for manicures is not harmful and does not cause skin cancer. In fact, one study stated that a person could use the lamp safely for over 250 years.

What training is required for a cosmetologist?

Aside from basic skills training, a cosmetologist is trained on standard sterilization practices, disease, and precautions. Pure technicians are trained to go beyond standard practices. You can rest assured knowing your technician takes your health and well-being very seriously.

What is the difference between strip waxing and hard waxing?

Strip waxing is accomplished by spreading a sticky substance-like wax thinly and carefully over the desired area of skin and then covering the wax with a gentle cloth or paper strip. The strip is pressed in a specific direction on the top surface of skin and hair before it is quickly pulled off.

Hard waxing is a melted wax that is applied onto the skin where it hardens. Once completely cooled, one corner of the surface of the skin is gently lifted and the remainder is than patiently pulled, taking your un-wanted hair with it! Which wax is used depends on preference and area being waxed.

What is the Slow Beauty Movement?

The Slow Beauty® Movement was started by founder of Sparitual, Shel Pink, based on her desire to change the way we talk and think about beauty. The Slow Beauty movement stems from the Slow Food movement. Shel Pink’s Slow Beauty addresses the effects of overscheduled, overworked lifestyles on our minds and bodies. “Slow Beauty offers a respite from the drudgery of the fast track, an opportunity to reconnect with the self,” says the SpaRitual founder. All Sparitual products and techniques were sculpted to remind us of slowing down and being in a relaxed state of mind that allows us to truly connect with ourselves in a positive manner.

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