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Come Relax and Rejuvenate at Pure Natural Nail Lounge

Helping You Look and Feel Better Than Ever!

Written by Elizabeth McCabe

Are you looking to unwind with a facial? Would you like a massage that is sure to make you feel refreshed? Or how about a pedicure, manicure, or a wax? If so, look no further than Pure Natural Nail Lounge.

Located in downtown Saint Petersburg, Pure Natural Nail Lounge offers natural services as well as well a variety of complementary services ranging from waxing and massage to facials and makeup applications. Indulge in beer, wine, or non-alcoholic beverages as you receive your spa service – all while soaking in the picturesque views of Saint Petersburg without leaving your seat.

Pure Natural Nail Lounge has a lot to offer its patrons including private rooms for couples’ spa services or personal retreat and a party lounge for kids’ birthdays, bridal parties, and other special events. The professionals here only use the best for their clients through all-natural, organic products, such as SpaBCL, Sparitual, and Eminence.

Rest assured that each product is vigorously screened before being accepted by Pure Natural Nail Lounge. Always in search of the best for their guests, their mission is simple: “To provide the highest quality service using all natural products with cutting-edge techniques, ultimately making our guests feel healthier in mind, body, and soul.”

Pure Natural Nail Lounge is also proud to be a certified Shellac salon and offer natural nail enhancements. This enables their clients to savor the serene and pristine environment. Clients can breathe easy knowing that they don’t have to worry about chemicals and odors here.

The owners of Pure Natural Nail Lounge decided to raise the bar for nail service quality and care after ten years of experience in the nail care industry. They explain, “With the utmost regard for the safety of our clients, we go above and beyond the standard for sterilization and cleanliness. For instance, jet-less pedicure baths are used to prevent backflow bacteria, medical grade equipment is used to sanitize and sterilize tools, and disposable tools are used for each client.”

The Pure Natural Nail Lounge just opened their doors in December 2014. They are a welcome addition to the Saint Petersburg community. Once step inside and you’ll see why. Every guest is greeted with a warm hand towel prior to their spa service. The serenity here is tangible as the ambiance helps guests unwind from the cares of life.

For more information on Pure Natural Nail Lounge, just check out their website: www.purenaturalnailounge.com. With all their options offered here for pampering, there truly is something for everyone!


Almost there! Our vision starts to come together.

Month three of construction has been exciting as we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Most of the first two months were spent on the edges of our seats and with our fingers crossed that we would get permitting so that we could even begin construction. Luckily permitting went fairly smoothly after a two-week wait, but then we had a few surprises along the way such as finding out we had to go through another building in order to get to the electrical feed and also to work on the water pipes enlarging them so that we would get efficient water flow to our fourteen pedicure chairs. After a few bumps along the way now in month three, things are looking pretty good and are moving along nicely. We are concentrating on fun finishing touches like waiting room and patio furniture. We want to create a calm, serene, inviting and clean environment where our clients can truly relax and feel comfortable.

Our custom pedicure lounge chairs are of a Tiffany design with a modern, elegant look. The nail tables were custom matched to go with the pedicure chairs design. Now, for the furniture in the waiting room and the patio furniture outside – we are going with, of course, a lounge-like patio with comfy couches where our clients can well… ‘lounge’ of course. We not only envision our clients enjoying a blissful escape while having services done but in between or after services they may relax on the patio space with a glass of wine, beer, or cup of coffee taking in the serenity of downtown St. Petersburg.

To date the previous walls have been demolished, new drywall has gone up, old tiles have been ripped out, plumbing, fire system, and other miscellaneous have been completed and painting has begun. We have custom ordered unique gray wood tiles that will get installed shortly. New ceilings, doors, and cabinets will be then be installed with our custom pedicure furniture over the next several weeks. We put much thought into the construction of Pure Natural Nail Lounge. Everything was selected with much scrutiny down to the wall paper and chandelier.

At times, it’s been quite stressful making sure everything gets done on time and that everything ordered gets shipped on time. Even with previous experience in construction of other salons and businesses, there are always lessons learned with each new project and it never seems to get any easier. However, the reward is equally tremendous when we see our finished product and when we get to see the smiling faces of our clients when they walk in. We are thrilled to bring this new, high-end nail salon and beauty lounge to St. Petersburg and can’t wait to share this exciting experience with you.

-Pure Natural Nail Lounge


Our first community event!

Planning, asking for money, and uniting for a good cause.

Being able to help people and bringing smiles to faces are the main reasons why we love what we do at the nail salon. In addition to providing such pleasant experiences through our work, participating in community events and being part of a good cause is something we are extremely grateful for. Involvement in the community, getting to know those who live within the community, and helping one another are really the things that fuel us.

When we began putting a team together for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer at the Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg, just like most, we thought, “who will actually join us?”, “will this be well-received”, “will our team members think we’re lame?”, and “would people really want to be hounded for donation money?” Yes, we have to admit, we were a little shy about putting a team together for this event at first. After all, it was the first community event for the Pure Natural Nail Lounge team. We’ve all been involved with other community events and fundraisers but this was our first one with the new company.

We found that the best way to get involved was to just do it! We created a team and started sending emails to everyone we knew for donations and joining the team. Our team was very well received and we had such great support from friends, family, and colleagues. On that Saturday, October 18th, a dozen of us walked 3 miles around the Vinoy Park to raise awareness on breast cancer, supporting those battling the disease and reminding others to get regular check-ups to ensure the best chance of cure. With one of the Pure Natural Nail Lounge owners previously working with cancer patients and many of us who have been affected by this disease in some way, this was near and dear to our hearts.

Making Strides was such great fun. Our team raised nearly one thousand dollars for the American Cancer Society and over two hundred thousand as a conglomerate. Our supporters were more than happy to walk with us or donate money towards the cause. Everyone on our team felt so blessed to be able to give back. In fact, we inspired others to join upcoming local walks for a cause and this will be something we will do on an annual basis and throughout the year. Words cannot describe the warmth that filled our hearts that day. We look forward to continuing to work in the community and finding ways to give back.

Without our community, we are nothing.

-Pure Natural Nail Lounge